Looking Ahead!

A windy week to say the least. Looks like we're in the process of missing about ten days due to weather. For now fishing has been typically for the time of year. Good dolphin fishing,a few catches..

Available Wednesday this Week!

Sunday was another good day of fishing. A couple yellowfin and a nice catch of dolphin for us. Will was able to come home from school and fish a couple days over the weekend. We had a great..

September Ends with Good Fishing!

Made a few trips with more good fishing. Scattered blue marlin, yellowfin,big eye and good dolphin fishing. Vwe did release a 200 pound blue on Friday but did not get a good pic. This was Saturday..

More Good Fishing- Available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

A calmer start with the inlet. More Good fishing. We caught a few dolphin early but John and the gang had plenty from the day before and wanted to spend the time looking for a better bite. Our..

After the Blow!

Yesterday the wind had fallen out but sea condions were still very marginal. We waited till daylight and went to take a look. It was sketchy but we made it across the bar and we're off to go..

Available Duck Hunts

Woke up this morning to a stiff NE wind and cooler temperatures. It's not time yet, but any of you that enjoy spending time ind a duck blind it is sure to get you looking ahead. Give us a call if you..

Dolphin Day!

Weather was marginal for Saturday but after kicking tires for a while we all headed out. The swell was big but not much wind. A little deeper water and flood tied halped to make the inlet passable...

Back Out After the Storm!

Yesterday was our first trip back in the ocean. Weather was beautiful and we decided to go to the South hoping to find some tuna and dolphin. The blackfins slowed for us but we did find good..


First we want to thank everyone for the well wishes during the hurricane. As you can imagine it takes a lot of prep to get ready for a storm and put everything back together when it's over. Times..

Grand Slam!

Always cool when you get an opportunity to catch three different billfish species in the same day. Our day started quick with dolphin jumping us setting out. We got a few and shortly after caught a..

A Little Slower!

Had a couple days off and came back to a good report of scattered meat fish and blue Marlin. We headed that way hoping to capitalize. Unfortunately, the bite slowed for the day. We did find a..


Another tricky weather day but the bite was on. We had her in a circle and the guys were cranking. The first hour or two produced a nice catch of blackfins with a couple of yellowfin. We called it..

Limited Options

Woke up to a good NE breeze. Thought our chances were slim at making the day but our guys were ready. We went back after a blackfin thinking it was our best chance at getting the day in with some..


Our two options have been north hoping for a billfish and dolphin or south to have the best chance at tuna. The best tuna action has been on the blackfins. After looking at the condition we thought..

Good Help!

Pirate's cove week started with a from outlook on the slow Marlin fishing. Paul was here and ready for action. William jumped on as our second mate with plans to finish out the season. Day one was..

June 15, 2020

Day Two June 15, 2020

Finally Some Calm Weather! June 15, 2020


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