Eric and the gang was back for more in 2020. Great fishing. Sharks got hungry towards the end but we managed to get a few away from them. Thanks guys and hope you enjoyed the trip as much as we..

Day Two

Joe had a different crowd ready on Wednesday. A little more wind and a lot less boat traffic. More great yellowfin action. Thanks and hope you guys can work out a couple days in September!

Finally Some Calm Weather!

Got a couple of nice days for Joe and his crowd. Our first trip on Tuesday was beautiful with all kinds of boats out enjoying the day. The extra traffic slowed the bite a little but still great..

160 Pound Big Eye!

Our guys had a few of the group fall out but made the trip anyway. Strt to finish action that included three bigeyes at the end. Two citations with the biggest being 160 pounds a nice catch and..

Available July 1,2,&3

Just a quick note. Fishing is good and looks like the weather is finally giving us a break. Our next open dates are July 1,2,3. Let us know if you are ready to have some fun!Pic is of two of the..

Quality Plus!

Danny and the guys have been fishing with us a long time. They had another good day on Saturday. Takes alot of organization to get three boats together. Glad it paid off with a good day. See you..

Tuna and gaffers!

Another quick start with the tuna fishing. Took the change back out hoping to mix it up a little with a few dolphin. Did catch some nice gaffers but made us a little late for the afternoon tuna..

Hungry Yellowfin on a Windy day!

Keith and the gang have had to move a few trips around this spring. Things finally worked out today. Windy and rough but everyone pushed through. Sharks were a problem but fishing was good. We..

More Tuna Yesterday!

Another fun day. We hit the yellowfin hard trolling in the am. Spent late morning bouncing the kite around. Called it off in time to beat the wind to the dock. Enjoyed seeing the gang back on the..

Reschedule Pays Off!

As you can imagine with all the shut downs it has been a year of reschedules. Chad and the game stuck with us and ended up with a nice day. Glad it paid off and thanks for the persistence!

Good Water Condition and Good Fishing!

The last few days we have had good water conditions covering the area where the tuna want to be. It has produced exciting action both trolling and on the kite. Weather has been a mess but most of..

A Good Stretch of Fishing!

Been great sign of yellowfin around. The sharks have made a little showing but so far have not been devastating. Changing weather and water conditions have dictated the bite but mostly good days...

Bigeyes and Yellowfins

Another day of great fishing at Oregon Inlet. Tuna were in the blended water. A good sign of fish but the bites were hit or miss. The boats with the big licks finished early. Others were able to..


Matt had his group here to fish and we were scheduled to go Friday and Saturday. Friday was a tough day following a four day blow and sea condition was still unstable. We made the most of it but..

Weekend Report May 16, 2020!

Finally!! Got to go fishing a couple days after the virus lockdown. Saturday was just the way it should be. Awesome guys just ready to get on the ocean. Several reschedules and a drive in from..

June 15, 2020

Day Two June 15, 2020

Finally Some Calm Weather! June 15, 2020


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