Back to School!

Time was winding down for Will and summer break. Proud of that young man and the job he has done over the last two summers. We started his last week fishing the Alice Kelly Tournament. Our local..

New Mailing Address!

We have moved and hope everyone will take note our new mailing address. Pic is of our catch back on August 10. Another nice catch of yellowfin, blackfins, and dolphin. Thanks guys and enjoy the..

Working Again!

Here we go. After a glitch in the reporting page we can get caught up on some reports. We also moved for the first time in 25 years and got welcomed with a hurricane. Hoping for some smooth..

Back in the Ocean Yesterday!

After a few days off we were back in the ocean. The yellowfin action had been good all week but things slowed a little yesterday. A good visual sign but very few bites for the fleet. We did find a..

Great Fishing/Open All Week!

It all came together yesterday with some great fishing. Plenty of visual sign with tuna showing over several miles. There were a couple of areas where sharks were bad but we managed to stay away..

Quality Yellowfin!

We've mentioned earlier about the incredible yellowfin fishing for the month of July. Yesterday we started out looking for dolphin. In our area there was not a good condition to be found. We..

Couple of Choppy Days!

We ended the week last week with a couple of Choppy days. The wind came out of the NE and the coverage was limited. Picture is of an early day we had last week. Three bigeyes and a couple of..

Yesterday's Action!

Thought we found a spot where we could have some action and get a break from the sharks. Action was good and we didn't have to deal with the sharks. Blackfins were hungry early. Later we covered a..

Another Good July Day!

Another day of July fishing that was full of action. Yellowfin, blackfins, and Bigeye were all part of the catch. We had multiple opportunities on the big eye and yellowfin that were eaten by..

Yellowfin on the Kite!

As you can tell from the reports tuna action has been as good in July as any month to date. Yesterday was more great action. Tuna were chasing flying fish from start to finish. Sharks were..

Great Day/Open Dates!

Wednesday was as good as it gets for July fishing. The dolphin showed up and gave the fleet some of the best action of the year. Sharks were tough but we found a few fish we were able to land...

July 16, 2019

Things started a little slower on Tuesday overall. We were lucky and got a couple of licks relatively shark free. Slower action and shark problems had us covering ground looking for better action...

July 15, 2019!

It's been another great week of July Fishing. Over the weekend Captain Scott ran the Trophy Hunter while I was watching Drew play his all-star tournament. Family time is hard to come by during the..

July Starts with Great Fishing!

As you can tell from the reports July has started with some good fishing. Yesterday was simply beautiful. Large yellowfin chased flyers all day. It was a great show. We launched the kite early..

More Great Action!

Wednesday produced more great tuna action for July. We set out and hooked two nice yellowfin. Caught both of them but then things went down hill. The next 20 were eaten by sharks. We covered five..

June 15, 2020

Day Two June 15, 2020

Finally Some Calm Weather! June 15, 2020


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