Kings, Tuna, and Dolphin!

Fishing around it's nice to have a group excited about what ever opportunities come up. Had a few yellowfin,a couple nice dolphin, and a limit of Kings. Hope everyone enjoys the fish!

May 11, 2019

Got another go round with the bigeyes on the 11th. Add in a few dolphin and we had a great day. Thanks!

127 pound bigeye!

One of 5 for the day. This was the biggest. Got Will back in the swing. Home from college for the summer. Nice catch Ed!

Catching up with Our First Bigeys!

Got a lick in on some bigeyes as Casey's time was winding down. Glad for the good action. Hope you guys enjoyed fishing with him and we certainly appreciate him helping us out till Will got back..

May 7, 2019

A little better action with a good mixed catch of tuna and dolphin. Glad for the pic up and hope you enjoyed the trip!!

May 5, 2019

Another Scrappy day but we ended up with a few nice gaffers and a couple of yellowfin. Hope everyone had fun!!

Scrappy Days!

Scrappy fishing a few weeks back had us covering ground trying to put a catch together. Ended up with some nice dolphin and tiles. Not our number one target but good eating. Thanks!

Catching Up!

Got busy with fishing and baseball the last few weeks. Trying to get caught up on a few reports. This was a nice mixed bag earlier in the month with tuna, dolphin, and our first white of the year...

More Good Yellowfin Action

Today things proved to be more Good action at Oregon Inlet. It took a little hunting but got better and better during the day. Our last lick was five nice yellowfin at once. Hope everyone had fun..

Good Start-Good Finish!

We had a beautiful start to the day yesterday. Spent most of the morning looking a yellowfin but they had disappeared for the day. We relocated a little and had our first good catch of dolphin for..

Missing a Good Day!

Today was a tough day to miss. Great weather and good fishing had us hoping to fill the day with a trip. Next week we ha Wednesday April 30,2019. Let us know if you would like to schedule the date..

Available Tomorrow April 24, 2019

Spent the weekend in the boat yard getting some last minute work done before we get rolling. Picture is of the Trophy Hunter with Casey and Will finishing up the bottom paint. We made it back to the..

Yesterday's Fishing

Consistency is what we hope for but this week has had some highs and lows. Tuesday was great. Wednesday the tuna disappeared for the fleet and things were Scrappy. We ended up with 9 dolphin and a..

April 16,2019

A sketchy start this morning with the weather but calmer seas were forecast so we gave it a try. Fishing was good with a limit of yellowfin and a couple of dolphin!

August 20, 2017

Just a few post to get the new report page up and running. Any takers on an August trip!

June 15, 2020

Day Two June 15, 2020

Finally Some Calm Weather! June 15, 2020


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