Mixed Bag!

I always like variety. A few more yellowfin would be nice but the sharks have made landing them difficult on most trips. Got a nice catch of dolphin, couple of yellowfin, and a wahoo. Thanks and..

June 7, 2019

Three bigeyes, three Gaffers, and a couple of yellowfin for the day. May and June are busy times for us. Fishing everyday with a family finishing up school for the years. It's busy but it's..

June 2, 2019

It's been one of those years! Trip wise it couldn't have started any better. We've been able to get our groups out and most days we've come up with some fish. Definitely had to work for the fish..

Yellowfin and Gaffers

Ended May with Eric and the gang. Nice mixed bag of Gaffers and yellowfin. Thanks and see you next June!

May 30,2019

A quick with a couple of big eye bites! We were lucky enough to get them. From there we found three gaffers and slower action. Later in the the day we made a quick stop for some tile fish. Hope..

May 29,2019

Mixed bag today. Caught a nice big eye, released a sailfish, three nice yellowfin, and a few gaffers. Hope everyone had fun! Thanks

May 28,2019

Just looked and realized we are a little behind on reports. It's been a good run but a busy time of year. This was some pics from the 28th. Dolphin and a couple of nice bigeyes. Rare for this..

May 27, 2019

Big eyes showed up and we had a great day with the biggest weighing in at 211 pounds. Hope you guys had fun! Thanks

May 26, 2019

We've had some good fishing but for the last few days it's been tough to keep up with the changes. On the 24th we caught our first blue Marlin of the year. Sorry but no pic. He was hot and weighed..

Today's Report!

A perfect day for dolphin fishing. Calm weather and steady action most of the trip. Guys were awesome and thanks for the sandwiches! Come back and see us!

Tuesday's Report!

Choppy day but we got it in. Good dolphin fishing again with one yellowfin. Boats were lined up coming in head to! Thanks

Last Week!

Gaffers showed up in force and most trips produced really good dolphin a tion. Tuna still around but between condition and sharks they are more of a bonus. Cobia fishing has been great for the..

May 17, 2019

Started the day with a great catch of dolphin. Relocated and manage to get a few nice tuna away from the sharks.

May 17, 2019

Started the day with a great catch of dolphin. Relocated and manage to get a few nice tuna away from the sharks.

May16, 2019

Another day with some great guys. Started with a few gaffers. Towards the middle of the day things slowed and we stopped for a few tiles. Current was tough but we scrapped out a catch. Thanks and..

June 15, 2020

Day Two June 15, 2020

Finally Some Calm Weather! June 15, 2020


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