Good Help!

Pirate's cove week started with a from outlook on the slow Marlin fishing. Paul was here and ready for action. William jumped on as our second mate with plans to finish out the season. Day one was tough and we spent the day covering ground looking. No action for us. We got on some better action our last two days. Tough luck with our opportunities but the action kept us in the hunt till the end. Our best chance was on day three hooking a quad of sails. We'll be swinging again next year. Thanks Paul and hope you enjoyed the week!

Saturday morning found Will west bound to Raleigh and William taking over in the cockpit. I can't tell you how fortunate we are to have him step in and handle things for the fall. A true professional. Day ended with Jim's gang catching two sails, a nice wahoo, and dolphin. Thanks Jim and we'll be looking for that blue Marlin next year!


June 15, 2020

Day Two June 15, 2020

Finally Some Calm Weather! June 15, 2020


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