Weather Window!

Guys had us booked for Saturday but we saw a better window for Friday. The group changed schedules and made it happen. Weather was awesome for December. Unfortunately, water conditions weren't too..

Yellowfin/Blackfin Combo!

Yesterday was sketchy with the forecast but it offered our best window for a few days. The wind forecast was very good but the sea height was marginal for the inlet. We waited for incoming tide and..

Tuna for Thanksgiving!

We ha a scheduling conflict last Friday with Jake making it to the third round with football playoffs. The ride was too far to fish and make the game. Ken and the gang decided to reschedule for..

Making it Count with a Weather Window!

Guys had us booked for Friday but weather looked very marginal. Fortunately, they were able to adjust schedules and get here Thursday. It paid off. We started the day with a 45 pound yellowfin and..

Still Loading the Boat!

Often this time of the year each trip is like starting over. Windy days keep the fleet at the dock and information can be several days old when it comes to recent action and water condition...

Still Available Thursday!

First day back out in a week. Spent some time with the boys hunting and got to watch Drew get his first buck for wall. A nice 10 pt. Action was as good as you want it today. Started with wahoo...

Excellent Fishing-Available Tuesday!

Fishing really picked up over the last week. Our day was spent out front with 10 yellowfin and a limit of dolphin. Guys farther north mostly limited out on yellowfin. Still a few blue Marlin and..

Finally a Yellowfin Report

We spent our day to the South and scrapped out a mixed bag of dolphin, blackfins,a yellowfin, and a king. The guys to the north found good conditions and the first catches of yellowfin in numbers..

Two for Three Over the Weekend!

After a week of weather we finally got to spend a few days in the ocean. Day one was a good one. As always, it was like starting over not knowing what we might find. We started trolling for a..

Looking Ahead!

A windy week to say the least. Looks like we're in the process of missing about ten days due to weather. For now fishing has been typically for the time of year. Good dolphin fishing,a few catches..

Available Wednesday this Week!

Sunday was another good day of fishing. A couple yellowfin and a nice catch of dolphin for us. Will was able to come home from school and fish a couple days over the weekend. We had a great..

September Ends with Good Fishing!

Made a few trips with more good fishing. Scattered blue marlin, yellowfin,big eye and good dolphin fishing. Vwe did release a 200 pound blue on Friday but did not get a good pic. This was Saturday..

More Good Fishing- Available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

A calmer start with the inlet. More Good fishing. We caught a few dolphin early but John and the gang had plenty from the day before and wanted to spend the time looking for a better bite. Our..

After the Blow!

Yesterday the wind had fallen out but sea condions were still very marginal. We waited till daylight and went to take a look. It was sketchy but we made it across the bar and we're off to go..

Available Duck Hunts

Woke up this morning to a stiff NE wind and cooler temperatures. It's not time yet, but any of you that enjoy spending time ind a duck blind it is sure to get you looking ahead. Give us a call if you..

Weather Window! December 07, 2019

Yellowfin/Blackfin Combo! December 01, 2019

Tuna for Thanksgiving! December 01, 2019


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