Tuna for Thanksgiving!

We ha a scheduling conflict last Friday with Jake making it to the third round with football playoffs. The ride was too far to fish and make the game. Ken and the gang decided to reschedule for Wednesday the 27th so we could get our trip in together. We appreciate the reschedule and ended up putting together a good day. It started chasing a body of water with good yellowfin fishing the day before. Unfortunately, the water moved up and out. We did get hit one time and caught two out of several bites. Eventually we ran down the beach several miles to try another pocket. It was late but we had steady action. Caught a nice wahoo and some blackfins to pull out a catch. Thanks again for working with us and hope you had a good holiday!


Hungry Yellowfin on a Windy day! June 04, 2020

More Tuna Yesterday! June 03, 2020

Reschedule Pays Off! June 03, 2020


Oregon Inlet Fishing Center


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